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Ministry Programs

ACT - America Come Together

ACT AMERICA COME TOGETHER is a national unity campaign inviting Americans to unite as a force of kindness, goodwill and service to their communities and the nation. ACT eliminates apparent areas of division we're currently presented with and replaced by positive action supplying needs we can achieve by working together. ACT is the solution to our problems of being divided.

All About Healing Network

ALL ABOUT HEALING NETWORK is a portal for those seeking relief from pain, regardless the type of pain. The ALL ABOUT HEALING NETWORK connects those who are suffering with a network of people who have firsthand knowledge and support who will guide them to potential healing. As America  absorbs  increased mass shootings, daily horrific events, stress, anxiety, suicide, PTSD, survivors guilt added to physical and mental suffering individuals and families experience every day. ALL ABOUT HEALING NETWORK offers knowledge and support from those overcoming pain who can lead sufferers to information and contacts guiding them to potential healing.


BE MENTAL HEALTHY is our program acknowledging the need for mental health maintenance as much as the energy, money and time we spend on our physical maintenance.

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Success TUDAY

SUCCESS TUDAY is school program that motivates, informs and inspires students, parents, educators and business owners. The program encourages all to unite in support for the overall success of students in their communities. SUCCESS TUDAY reminds students that their best friends are the teachers who prepare them to be successful in life and that they MUST get their education so they can succeed in a challenging, competitive world.

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