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The Parker Principles
by Ray Parker Jr. &
Rev. Bill Minson

About a decade ago, Rev. Bill Minson began to listen to Ray Parker Jr. talk about his father's influence and guidance on his life and it's impact.


"When I listened to Ray talk about his Dad, I saw information that could be applied immediately to help people and made the decision to release a great true story that might inspire and more importantly offer tools to better organize financial priorities and possibly change lives."

"Ray Parker Jr. is the example of the man you'd like your son to become. An honest man, good son, husband, Father and neighbor who loves GOD. Ray and his beautiful wife Elaine are an incredible couple. The PARKER  PRINCIPLES highlights his father's love and guidance as the foundation of the man he is today. It's a blueprint for having a productive life with reduced stress based on effective budgeting and planning for your short and longterm future", concludes Rev. Bill Minson.


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